Barista Gent

This week, a friend of mine decided to take me to a little place she recently went to eat because she found it so lovely. It is near the centre of Ghent, called Barista.



It’s a little coffeehouse near the water, just passed the shopping street with the Primark (which is a great advantage). It looks very old school, but in a fashionable way. I loved the old schoolchairs and tables painted in white.

You don’t only have coffee & cake there, but also the opportunity to eat lunch there. They have salads and sandwiches. I took a sandwich with pesto, parmesan, dried tomatos (and I think aubergines or an other vegetable that I forgot). It was delicious, the bread was tastefull, the combination was perfect and it’s all bio.


After tIMG_5274hat, my friend and I would have loved to take a cheese cake also but we were so full by eating the sandwich that it would not be reasonable if we took one. Good excuse to go back there and take a seat near the water this time!


Orange Chocolate Cheesecake.

This weekend, I hadn’t much to do (despite studying) so I wanted to try something out. My mom gave me at the end of my exams a little book with a lot of cheesecake recipes.  Normally I like to read it but never had the courage to try one out. So this time, I changed that and made a cheesecake.

It looks really complicated but if I can do it, probably everyone can do it. Here’s the recipe.img_2226


  • 1  1/2 oranges
  • 450gr cream cheese
  • 200gr Mascarpone
  • 5 cl liquid cream
  • 1 nature yoghurt
  • 100 gr molten butter
  • 4 eggs
  • 180gr dark chocolate
  • 250 gr speculoos
  • 2 tbsp of cacao
  • 150gr sugar
  • 2 tbsp of flour.


  1. Crush the speculoos to crumbles. Than add the molten butter and cacao. Put this on the bottom of your base before putting the tin in the freezer for 20 minutes.
  2. Preheat the oven at 160°. Than grate the oranges in fine zests. Finally press the orange for his juice.
  3. In a bowl, whip the cream cheese, mascarpone and the sugar together. After that, add the zeste, yoghurt, eggs one by one and the half of the orange juice. At the end, add the flour while whipping.
  4. Pour this in the tin with the speculoos at the bottom. During 15 minutes, cook the whole at 160°. Than cook it again, at 120° during 60 minutes.
  5. When this is ready, melt the dark chocolate with the liquid cream and the rest of orange juice. Whip it al together and when ready, pour it at the top of your cheescake. Put the cheesecake back in the freezer for 24hours (yes, during all this time).




Last week, to end the short schoolvacation, I decided to enjoy the city of Ghent with a friend (even though, I’m studying there everyday). We thought of doing a lot of shopping and drinking some hot chocolate, in another place than the last time (see: Mayana Chocoladebar.).

After an hour of shopping, we were starving. We passed the well-known WASBAR and thought it would be a nice idea. The concept of this snackbar is that you can eat there while your clothes are being washed. It’s also very known for its cosy space to eat and delicious food. I loved the whole interior, it was really calm for a place in the centre of a city.


My friend decided to take a bagel with grilled chicken and tomato soup and I took french bread (there called “Tartines”) with salmon and avocado with quinoa and a green tea. When you order your food, you receive a little electronic disk that will beep when your food is ready. Really handy, if you understand how it works (we didn’t). The food was delicious! The quinoa was one of the best ones I’ve ever eaten and the bread was just perfect too.

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At the end, we stayed there for a few hours talking, eating leisurely and in a calm atmosphere. I think it’s one of my favourite places I’ve been.


Bia Mara: Fish & Chips.


A friend and I decided to go a day to Brussels. She’s leaving for Paris in a week so I was very happy to see her. We were searching for a little fancy place to eat and we couldn’t have been happier with what we found: Bia Mara.



It’s a Fish & Chis restaurant, near by the centre of everything in Brussels (Place de la Monnai, Grand Place,…) and easy to find. The restaurant is really nice, fancy interior and with lovely people to serve. It’s just a little bit small.

We both took fish, my friend took taco’s and I took Pankos (no idea what it means, but it was just like the classic fish & chips). It was delicious! The chips were perfect, I normally hate eating French Fries, but this was really nice. The fish was lovely too, if you ate it with the sauce you received (I think it’s Tartar). My friend seemed to have some difficulties eating the tacos,but liked it also.

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I found this little restaurant so lovely, basic and cheap. At the same time, I loved the food and the people.

Thanks to Simplicity for the pictures!



Mayana Chocoladebar.


A little time ago, I went with a friend to a lovely chocolatebar, called “Mayana” in Ghent. It’s a chocolatebar known for their delicious hot 15175403_1192882167471349_1059498994_nchocolate where you can choose the kind of chocolate and topping you want. I had heard a lot of good things about it, so I was really excited to go there.

We entered and we were immediatly in the mood: it smelled deliciously. That and the awesome looking place are probably one of the reasons, it’s hard to find a little place to sit. Looking at the menu card, I was totally hope15239270_1192882427471323_548948504_nless to choose. There were many things I had never even tasted before!

My friend choose a Marshmallow (a hot chocolate with Marshmallows in it) and I took a Yucatanchoc ( a milkshake with mexican spices). Both of them where heaven to taste (and looked amazing)!

I really liked this place. I think it looked amazing, was really cosy and everything was delicious but I think you need to go on moments when there isn’t a lot of people (it can get really noisy).


Summer Essentials.

Hey everyone! Summer is finally back and with summer comes new musthaves for your perfect summer outfit. These are the things I’ve seen on other people and that I also wear a lot at the moment and I’m absolutly loving.

Let’s begin with my new addiction: Pins. I think that I saw Connor Franta wearing it first and I’m absolutly loving it! With them, every outfit that is a little bit boring or is missing that little “extra”, looks so much better. I mostly love to wear it on jeans: my salopette, a high waist denim short or my jeans jacket.

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I like to wear a lot of jeans, it is easy to combine and you can’t make a mistake by wearing jeans. In summer, I mostly like to wear some high waist shorts combined with a crop top or a big T-shirt.

Another piece of clothing made of jeans that I am totally in love with is my salopette. I’ve found this one back in my old wardrobe, which proofs that fashion always comes back. I think it’s really cute combined with a crop top or with my latest discovery, a body.

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Like I mentioned, I also love to wear crop tops.Here is a glimse of some of my crop tops at the moment. (This are some holiday pictures I found, I’m sorry if they aren’t presenting the crop tops perfectly)

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Something you’re always going to see around my neck is a choker. I can’t imagine myself not wearing them anymore. Mine are from Topshop and New Look but I think that now you can find them literally everywhere.

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An accessory we’re all wearing these days are of course sunglasses. They are easy to find but finding the perfect one is less easy. These days I’m wearing a Polaroid one, I’ve bought I think last year or two years ago. But I have one set on my wishlist because I’m totally loving them: those with a wooden frame.

Sunglasses: Polaroid Pins: Zara Salopette: H&M Ring: Primark

And finally, my favourite thing since a while: Rings. I mostly like them imposant and big, but classy.

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Thanks to Simplicity as me for all those gorgeous pictures!

Love, Lill’Sunn .


CityTrip: London 2016 – part 1

Hey guys!

If you had read my last blogpost, you probably know that I just came back from London! I dreamt about it since I’m back from the last time and it was even better!

Friday, the 5th February, I received my points (who where a little deception, sadly) and then I was preparing me to go with a good friend to London!

We took a train to Bruxelles-Midi in the morning (round 11 AM) and arrived there more than an hour in advance… Luckily! Enough time to check all our social media, to pass all those checks, .. And then, on the train to the city of Dreams!
When we arrived, we took the tube to our lovely hotel (near the Tower Bridge) but we accidently took the one to the London Bridge so we had to walk the whole Queen’s Walk with our bagages..

Hard walk and happy to arrive finally at our hotel! Because we took a lot of time to get there, we just dropped our bagages, admired our hotelroom and get immediatly back outside.

We began to visite The Queen’s walk (properly this time), Tower of London and Tower Bridge, Borough Market, Shakespeare’s Globe, Millenium Bridge, Tate Modern and St Pauls Cathedrale.

Borough Market was really cute, like a little intern Market with a lot of food, so we stopped and eat something (we weren’t really hungry but we wanted to try a lot of English or weird things)

After that we visited Tate Modern, what I really wanted to do since the last time because a lot of people talked about it and it seem to be awesome. And really, this was probably one of the hightlights of the trip, I was like a little child receiving presents from Santa! It was so wonderful, so magic … I didn’t even knew I liked Modern Art that much.


 After that, we took the bus to Aldwych, the place to be for Musicals becauseeee we were going to watch Mamma Miaaaa! We had to be there before 19.45 for our tickets, so we took our tickets and went to Covent Garden till the begin of the Musical.

Covent Garden was dynamic like every night: artists in the hall, shoppings still open, cute little shops in Covent, Apple store still alive,… We found a little cute shops who sell a lot of tea’s and hot chocolate. I thought I would buy the whole store!

After our little tour here, we went back to the Novello Theatre for the musical. Sadly, we weren’t alowed to take pictures there. It was so lovely and good, if all musicals where like that, well, I’ll went more to it!

After the musical, we had to went back to our hotel by taking bus 15 but we had like the feeling that we were waiting that bus FOR EVER, but after an halfhour (yes, normally they’re there every 5 min, but not that day) he finally cames and we went finally back to our hotel. It was a hard day but already full of memories, full of laughs and good moments!

 Do you want to know what happened the day after? Stay tuned because part 2 is coming soon!

What did you think about it ? I hope you liked it! x

Love of Lou!

P.S. find my video about London here.