Bia Mara: Fish & Chips.


A friend and I decided to go a day to Brussels. She’s leaving for Paris in a week so I was very happy to see her. We were searching for a little fancy place to eat and we couldn’t have been happier with what we found: Bia Mara.



It’s a Fish & Chis restaurant, near by the centre of everything in Brussels (Place de la Monnai, Grand Place,…) and easy to find. The restaurant is really nice, fancy interior and with lovely people to serve. It’s just a little bit small.

We both took fish, my friend took taco’s and I took Pankos (no idea what it means, but it was just like the classic fish & chips). It was delicious! The chips were perfect, I normally hate eating French Fries, but this was really nice. The fish was lovely too, if you ate it with the sauce you received (I think it’s Tartar). My friend seemed to have some difficulties eating the tacos,but liked it also.

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I found this little restaurant so lovely, basic and cheap. At the same time, I loved the food and the people.

Thanks to Simplicity for the pictures!



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