CityTrip: London 2016 – part 1

Hey guys!

If you had read my last blogpost, you probably know that I just came back from London! I dreamt about it since I’m back from the last time and it was even better!

Friday, the 5th February, I received my points (who where a little deception, sadly) and then I was preparing me to go with a good friend to London!

We took a train to Bruxelles-Midi in the morning (round 11 AM) and arrived there more than an hour in advance… Luckily! Enough time to check all our social media, to pass all those checks, .. And then, on the train to the city of Dreams!
When we arrived, we took the tube to our lovely hotel (near the Tower Bridge) but we accidently took the one to the London Bridge so we had to walk the whole Queen’s Walk with our bagages..

Hard walk and happy to arrive finally at our hotel! Because we took a lot of time to get there, we just dropped our bagages, admired our hotelroom and get immediatly back outside.

We began to visite The Queen’s walk (properly this time), Tower of London and Tower Bridge, Borough Market, Shakespeare’s Globe, Millenium Bridge, Tate Modern and St Pauls Cathedrale.

Borough Market was really cute, like a little intern Market with a lot of food, so we stopped and eat something (we weren’t really hungry but we wanted to try a lot of English or weird things)

After that we visited Tate Modern, what I really wanted to do since the last time because a lot of people talked about it and it seem to be awesome. And really, this was probably one of the hightlights of the trip, I was like a little child receiving presents from Santa! It was so wonderful, so magic … I didn’t even knew I liked Modern Art that much.


 After that, we took the bus to Aldwych, the place to be for Musicals becauseeee we were going to watch Mamma Miaaaa! We had to be there before 19.45 for our tickets, so we took our tickets and went to Covent Garden till the begin of the Musical.

Covent Garden was dynamic like every night: artists in the hall, shoppings still open, cute little shops in Covent, Apple store still alive,… We found a little cute shops who sell a lot of tea’s and hot chocolate. I thought I would buy the whole store!

After our little tour here, we went back to the Novello Theatre for the musical. Sadly, we weren’t alowed to take pictures there. It was so lovely and good, if all musicals where like that, well, I’ll went more to it!

After the musical, we had to went back to our hotel by taking bus 15 but we had like the feeling that we were waiting that bus FOR EVER, but after an halfhour (yes, normally they’re there every 5 min, but not that day) he finally cames and we went finally back to our hotel. It was a hard day but already full of memories, full of laughs and good moments!

 Do you want to know what happened the day after? Stay tuned because part 2 is coming soon!

What did you think about it ? I hope you liked it! x

Love of Lou!

P.S. find my video about London here.

CITY TRIP: London (the trip: part 3)

Hellowww Guys!
Sorry for taking so long to make these posts, but it takes me loads of time 😦 I’m doing my best for making them so early as possible. Today I’m making a post about the last day in London.
We were tired but don’t wanna leave it. First we begin to visit Hyde park, where everybody, to my surprise, talk French. It was beautiful, lovely and still in the middle of the city. You have also a path for riding your horse, and a piste (a great one). 
Then we went to Harrods. It was just wonderful! There were lots of brands that I love! It is huge also. We have passed by the toys store, we’ve seen the craziest things like a walking minion, some cars that really ride, alittle car that rides on the walls,.. We also saw the engagement rings of Diana and the son of Harrods.

When we finally found the way out, we went to Hard Rock Café because I really want to buy there a shirt (what I have done => you will see it in my next post about London). Then we go search something to eat, and we concluded that we loved the Vegetarian Thai of the first day and that there is one at Piccadilly Circus. So we go eaten there, it was less good as the one in Candem Town, but still delicious. We also took a look in the British museum, we saw a mummie, the Rosette stone,..

After that we went back to our appartment to take us bagages and went to St. Pancreas. There we did our last shoppings in the Marks & Spencer, Accesorize,.. and began to prepare us to take our train. We took our latest “Nero Café” and go back.

Now, when I write about it, I already miss it. It was, I think, the most beautiful trip I ever done. I’ve already been to London, but we didn’t visited a lot.. I hope I can go back in a few years!
Are you already went to London? What did you thought of it?
Love of Lou!