Cyprus: Things to do.

Summer feels like an eternity away in this cold place and made me want to do a little post about the best places I went to in this warm and lovely island, Cyprus. I went there begin September. At that time of the year, in Belgium, you can already wear your jeans and a sweater, but there you can still walk in crop top and highwaist shorts. Which is pretty awesome if you just have spend your whole summer working and studying. I had an excellent time there, eat very well and saw a lot of exeptional places. Here’s a list of the best places to go there.

Places to eat: 

  • Paphos: Moulia Fish & Seafood TavernaIMG_2479

A lovely place in Paphos, just near the sea. A quite terras to eat typical fish from Cyprus with a stunning view on the sea. We went there to try their traditional Fish Mezze. We loved every single fish, even if we couldn’t eat them all. My friend and I didn’t knew how much fishs they have in a mezze and were very enthousiastic with the first ones till we had the feeling there was no ending. It was delicious even though it was kind of too much.

  • IMG_2617Coral Bay: Corallo restaurant.

There’s like one street in Coral bay, and in the evening, it’s probably the place you’ll find the most people in Cyprus. It’s all restaurants, bars and things like this. Here you can find

Corallo Restaurant, not charming from the outside but the meals are excellent. They have vegeterian moussaka there. My expectations of it were very high, I love to eat moussaka, but it didn’t disappoint me. The place is a little bit busy but every restaurant in that street was so, I think it’s just because a lot of tourists go to Coral Bay. Also, the service was more


than excellent, they were lovely and told us places to visit in the environment.

  • Polis: The Chix Chox RestaurantIMG_3239

Near the blue lagoon and the Fontana Amorosa, there is this little town Polis. Not much to see, it’s just very cute, lovely and typical. We just were back from a daytrip to Fontana Amorosa and the blue lagoon and found this restaurant on the town square. We sat there, outside underneath an 2OO years old tree. I took an Yemista, which is the vegetarian version of koupepia. It are stuffed vegetables like tomatoes and aubergines with rice and herbs. It was so good even if on the picture it doesn’t seem like it.

Things to do:

  • 20150316_112719Cydive: Diving between historical ruins.

There’s a magic world underneath the water. Every place is the same and still slightly different. In Cyprus, you find a lot of historical ruins from the Romans or shipwrecks. It’s such a stunning thing to see history in another place that you’re used to. In Paphos, I only found one place you could do some diving, Cydive. I loved it there, ‘cause before you went to the sea, they learned you some usefull things like how to remove water out of your mask while you are under the water. It’s a very safe and unstressfull place.


  • Eat a traditional mezze

We didn’t knew exactly what a traditional mezze was, so one of the first days we wanted to try it. I’m a pescatarian (vegetarian who also eat fish), so we couldn’t take the one with meat, only with fish. You receive at the beginning some tatzhiki, hummus, homemade bread, salad and olives and then you got a compilation of fishes. It’s so delicious but do it on a day you won’t do a lot. There is a lot to eat and you won’t see the end of it.

Places to see:

  • IMG_2524Adonis Baths

Want a day off, in a peaceful and quite place near waterfalls? Yes, it is possible in Cyprus. It’s between Paphos and Coral Bay. You need to take a rocky road, who feels like not ending, to get there but it’s worth the road!


  • IMG_2452Aphrodite’s rocks

Greek mythology is telling us that on that place, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, came out of the water. Now, what you see, is a beautiful bathing place with a blue sea and some rocks which makes it exceptional. There’s mostly of the time a lot of people, that’s the only disadvantage.


  • Blue lagoon

When you go to the North of the island, near the Aphrodite’s Baths, there is the place I loved the most in Cyprus: Fontana Amorasa and the Blue Lagoon. You need to take a ride in one of the jeeps they have there, cause the road is very rocky and dangerous but once you’ve got there, it’s heaven! Perfect blue water, a view like nowhere else and when you go in the water for some snorkeling, you see a lot of fish! If there’s one thing I could recommend you to go, it’s this place!

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Versailles: le Château & Le big Fernand.

For my birthday, my family decided this year to take me on a surprise trip so we could spend some time together. After some hours sleeping in the car, I woke up while entering the city of Versailles. No one needed to tell me what we were going to do there, of course.


We arrived at the palace at 9:30 am and I can tell you, you better come early cause there was already a lot of people. Once inside, I have one word to describe the whole inside (and the gardens and all the rest): HUGE. There were thousands of rooms, everything was fully decorated (too much for me), there is everything inside of that palace, even a chapel.

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Once outside the palace and in the gardens, there is still a lot to see. The gardens are looking so beautiful, so giant and there were also soooo many people there. We first went to “Le Grand Trianon”, a little side palace as there is some of them in that huge domain. I think it’s the prettiest place in Versailles. It’s made out of pink marble and it looks so classy from the outside.

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We also went to “the Little Trianon”, The English Garden, the Ballroom Grove, the Colonnade Grove and a lot of other pretty little places of which I forgot the name. (It’s all spread over the garden and there is really a lot of them.”

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Once seen that all, we had liked to see The Royal Stables. But sadly, because we came 13th of July and the next day is their national holiday, we were not allowed to see it.

So we decided to do a quick tour in the centre and eat something there also. We quickly found a little fancy place called, Le Big Fernand, where you basically compose your burger youself. I took one with the big mushroom, cheese “raclette”, grilled eggplant and tarragon. I also tried a drink I have never seen before, called “Elixir d’Archibald Fernand”, flavoured with apple, lemon and licorice. Both of them where delicious and it was the perfect end of this beautiful but long day.

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In ’t Filetpurken Aalst

Just before the beginning of my exams, my lovely friend who went for three months to Paris, was just back from Paris. So we really needed to have a datenight, before my exams.

That evening, she had an appointment in Aalst, a small city in Belgium, so we decided to grab a bite there.  Even though I live near the city, I had never gone to Aalst before. We had searched in advance for a place to eat and we had found 2 places we liked. Once we got there, we tried the first restaurant but they were already full. My friend nor myself had thought about reserving a table. So we walked to the other place we liked (note that I was wearing high heals and Aalst is everything but flat). Once we got at the second restaurant, we found out that that one was full as well. So we went back to the little square in the centre of Aalst and hoped to find another cute place. There we found “In ’t Filetpurken”.



It was a little restaurant in a side street of that place. From the outside, it didn’t look amazing but once you look inside, it definitly had his charm. There are paintings were hanging on the wall, everything was made of wood and there was a cute little courtyard.


The menu was very various, but we quickly made up our minds as we were starving. My friend took a Lasagne and I took a Fishburger with Calamars.


We both found the waiting a little long (I admit, we were veryyyy hungry so I might not be objective) but it was worth the wait. The Fishburger looked very lovely and was


delicious, but I sadly couldn’t finish it completely. The price however was very reasonable.


This place was definitly a good saver of the night, we have both eaten very well and had a great time!

Barista Gent

This week, a friend of mine decided to take me to a little place she recently went to eat because she found it so lovely. It is near the centre of Ghent, called Barista.



It’s a little coffeehouse near the water, just passed the shopping street with the Primark (which is a great advantage). It looks very old school, but in a fashionable way. I loved the old schoolchairs and tables painted in white.

You don’t only have coffee & cake there, but also the opportunity to eat lunch there. They have salads and sandwiches. I took a sandwich with pesto, parmesan, dried tomatos (and I think aubergines or an other vegetable that I forgot). It was delicious, the bread was tastefull, the combination was perfect and it’s all bio.


After tIMG_5274hat, my friend and I would have loved to take a cheese cake also but we were so full by eating the sandwich that it would not be reasonable if we took one. Good excuse to go back there and take a seat near the water this time!


Orange Chocolate Cheesecake.

This weekend, I hadn’t much to do (despite studying) so I wanted to try something out. My mom gave me at the end of my exams a little book with a lot of cheesecake recipes.  Normally I like to read it but never had the courage to try one out. So this time, I changed that and made a cheesecake.

It looks really complicated but if I can do it, probably everyone can do it. Here’s the recipe.img_2226


  • 1  1/2 oranges
  • 450gr cream cheese
  • 200gr Mascarpone
  • 5 cl liquid cream
  • 1 nature yoghurt
  • 100 gr molten butter
  • 4 eggs
  • 180gr dark chocolate
  • 250 gr speculoos
  • 2 tbsp of cacao
  • 150gr sugar
  • 2 tbsp of flour.


  1. Crush the speculoos to crumbles. Than add the molten butter and cacao. Put this on the bottom of your base before putting the tin in the freezer for 20 minutes.
  2. Preheat the oven at 160°. Than grate the oranges in fine zests. Finally press the orange for his juice.
  3. In a bowl, whip the cream cheese, mascarpone and the sugar together. After that, add the zeste, yoghurt, eggs one by one and the half of the orange juice. At the end, add the flour while whipping.
  4. Pour this in the tin with the speculoos at the bottom. During 15 minutes, cook the whole at 160°. Than cook it again, at 120° during 60 minutes.
  5. When this is ready, melt the dark chocolate with the liquid cream and the rest of orange juice. Whip it al together and when ready, pour it at the top of your cheescake. Put the cheesecake back in the freezer for 24hours (yes, during all this time).




Last week, to end the short schoolvacation, I decided to enjoy the city of Ghent with a friend (even though, I’m studying there everyday). We thought of doing a lot of shopping and drinking some hot chocolate, in another place than the last time (see: Mayana Chocoladebar.).

After an hour of shopping, we were starving. We passed the well-known WASBAR and thought it would be a nice idea. The concept of this snackbar is that you can eat there while your clothes are being washed. It’s also very known for its cosy space to eat and delicious food. I loved the whole interior, it was really calm for a place in the centre of a city.


My friend decided to take a bagel with grilled chicken and tomato soup and I took french bread (there called “Tartines”) with salmon and avocado with quinoa and a green tea. When you order your food, you receive a little electronic disk that will beep when your food is ready. Really handy, if you understand how it works (we didn’t). The food was delicious! The quinoa was one of the best ones I’ve ever eaten and the bread was just perfect too.

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At the end, we stayed there for a few hours talking, eating leisurely and in a calm atmosphere. I think it’s one of my favourite places I’ve been.


Bia Mara: Fish & Chips.


A friend and I decided to go a day to Brussels. She’s leaving for Paris in a week so I was very happy to see her. We were searching for a little fancy place to eat and we couldn’t have been happier with what we found: Bia Mara.



It’s a Fish & Chis restaurant, near by the centre of everything in Brussels (Place de la Monnai, Grand Place,…) and easy to find. The restaurant is really nice, fancy interior and with lovely people to serve. It’s just a little bit small.

We both took fish, my friend took taco’s and I took Pankos (no idea what it means, but it was just like the classic fish & chips). It was delicious! The chips were perfect, I normally hate eating French Fries, but this was really nice. The fish was lovely too, if you ate it with the sauce you received (I think it’s Tartar). My friend seemed to have some difficulties eating the tacos,but liked it also.

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I found this little restaurant so lovely, basic and cheap. At the same time, I loved the food and the people.

Thanks to Simplicity for the pictures!